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    Comprehensive financial planning services for high net worth clients and business owners

    The accrual of wealth is not totally dependent on a profitable investment program. To increase your net worth over your lifetime requires order and organisation, i.e. doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way. It entails the development of a comprehensive and detailed long term plan, with every T crossed and I dotted. And there must be a willingness, on your part and ours, to revisit key decisions, challenge long-held assumptions and to question the status quo.

    About our relationship with you
    Every client at UnaVida considers their adviser a confidant. We in turn, look on our clients as friends — people that we care about and want to assist in any way we can.

    Although our fees cover the time we devote to helping you create and manage your lifetime financial plan, our involvement in your life can, if you choose, be wider than that. As and when a situation emerges that might effect your future plans, for better or worse, we will advise you — in no uncertain terms if necessary — on what we consider to be the best course of action.

    Sometimes you might find our views on the subject (whatever that might be) at odds with yours, but helping you avoid bad decisions as well as making good decisions is part and parcel of our service.

    One size fits all? Not here it doesn’t
    Although your overriding requirement is accruing and protecting your wealth, to achieve those goals requires us to take account of many different issues, options and possibilities.

    If for instance you’re retired, the arrangements we propose are likely to be quite different to those we would recommend for a business owner or an employee.

    But in every instance, we take things one step at a time and we’re thorough – extremely thorough. Before we get anywhere near investments, we sort out the essentials. So irrespective of your employment status, our first step will be an examination of your will and insurances.

    Many people find it daunting to contemplate what the future might hold. Or are reluctant to take financial decisions today which will they benefit from in later years. We completely understand those difficulties. So we use a variety of techniques and tools which enable people to take the steps they need to take, and at the right time, to ensure they live life to the full and in the style they expect.

    To arrange a meeting at our offices, please call 0118 9347 921 or e-mail from here.

    We are relatively new clients of Ray’s but so far we are very impressed. Ray took a lot of time to understand what we needed, analyse our existing investments and make clear, well thought through recommendations.

    There is no question that he really cares about the service he provides to his clients and the positive impact he has on their lives. Our only regret is that we didn’t do this years ago!

    Bryan and Sara R

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