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    Financial planning means you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying time with your family

    The majority of our clients come to us through the recommendation of a friend, colleague or other professional adviser. Often they are disappointed with the standard of advice or service they have been subjected to in the past.

    So where do we start?

    Our service is, in every sense of the term, personal and comprehensive. We begin at the beginning. We look in every financial nook and cranny. We test assumptions and challenge preconceptions. We discover what you want out of life. As well as looking after your financial arrangements, we also want to do what we can to help you live your life to the full.

    Like any new relationship, getting to know each other is not always straightforward. However, by the end of our first conversation, we’ll know if we’re cut out for each other.

    Every new client soon discovers that we really are committed to improving their financial future in any way we can. Whether that means increasing your net worth over the years or ensuring that wealth cascades through the generations.

    Private individuals

    About 50 percent of our client portfolio comprises individuals who require their substantial investment/pension portfolios to be managed professionally and in such a way that their capital is safe and secure. In addition, they benefit from our IHT planning expertise which ensures that their wealth will be passed on to their loved ones at the lowest possible tax cost.

    Business owners

    We attract owners of profitable businesses who not only want their business to grow but are also intent on accumulating considerable personal wealth. Many of our business owner clients have benefited greatly from our “Total Planning Approach”.

    We are facilitators

    Our network of third-party professional connections enables us to deal with almost every aspect of your financial planning, such as arranging wills, trusts and complex tax planning.

    To arrange a meeting at our offices, please call 0118 9347 921 or e-mail from here.


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    Trusts and not all tax planning are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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